About Us

All of us at Bangun Insan Mandiri (BIM) School are passionate about learning and acknowledge that learning is a life-long process. We strive to instill the same passion to our students. Having the passion to be a life-long learner will prepare our students for their future. We believe school life is important and should be looked forward to with excitement and anticipation. As such our interactive learning environment is designed to be both stimulating and holistic, creating a fun and comfortable experience for students to learn and grow.

We encourage our students to be active participants in their educational process through discussions and myriad of activities as well as to embrace challenges and develop the ability to think out of the box. Our highly qualified and dedicated teachers are trained to motivate students academically and to cultivate and grow their emotional intelligence and character. We also aspire to be the constant source of support for our students throughout their educational journey.

With the education of BIM, we endeavor to produce future leaders who are mature, resilient and competent. We strongly believe our students’ parents or families are our important partners in fulfilling our commitment. Success of our students is built upon the supportive partnership and cooperation between school and home throughout the education journey. We sincerely invite you to embark with us in this learning journey together and discover more of the BIM school spirit!