School's History

Sekolah Bangun Insan Mandiri (BIM) was established in 2001, formerly known as Sains School. More than a decade later, BIM has evolved from a Pre-school to a national plus school which provides education from Pre-school up to Primary (PAUD, TK dan SD). By the Academic Year of 2015/2016 Secondary Level (SMP) is open and by 2018/2019, we have served the level of Upper Secondary (SMA).

Our curriculum is tailored to meet the requirements of the Indonesian Curriculum with some subjects adopted from the international curriculum. Classes are conducted in three languages: English, Indonesian and Mandarin. Our approach focuses on interactive learning to equip our students the ability of transforming concept learned in the classroom into a real-life solution when faced with challenges. We understand that every child is different as such our dedicated teachers strive to get to know each of the students and discover the best way to develop our children’s confidence and the ability to think out of the box, and importantly cultivating their resilience or ‘can-do’ spirit. Apart from achieving academic knowledge, we inspire students to discover their interest and talent and together with them, we cultivate it to be one of their strengths. This could provide a super-boost to their self-confidence. Each student is special, each is important. As their educators, we feel sense of satisfaction and take pride to witness any form of milestones achieved by our students.